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Individuals have a tendency to think and question before performing. This is fruitful in analysis and forecasting of individual’s behaviour. Individual decision making has certain pros and cons, few of which are mentioned below:

Pros of Individual Decision Making

    *An individual generally makes prompt decisions. While a group is dominated by various people, making decision-making very time consuming. Moreover assembling group members consumes lot of time.
    *Individuals do not escape responsibilities. They are accountable for their acts and performance. While in a group it is not easy to hold any one person accountable for a wrong decision.
    *Individual decision making saves time, money and energy as individuals make prompt and logical decisions generally. While group decision making involves lot of time, money and energy.
    *Individual decisions are more focused and rational as compared to group.

Cons of Individual Decision Making

    *A group has potential of collecting more and full information compared to an individual while making decisions.
    *An individual while making any decision uses his own intuition and views. While a group has many members, so many views and many approaches and hence better decision making.
    *A group discovers hidden talent and core competency of employees of an organization.
    *An individual will not take into consideration every members interest. While a group will take into account interest of all members of an organization


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Learnership Tracking Tool

Learnership Tracking  Tool is a projected created to assist training providers and corporate companies to:

  • Learnership Tracking of personal detail, record keeping and communication. (Email + SMS)
  • Track learner achievements on both short course and qualifications. (Multiple modules or Unit Standards)
  • Assist with general report writing and SETA quarterly reporting.
  • Assist with South Africa BEE and SARS reporting.
  • Easy accessible, general operation including backup process.
  • Able to customize to specific needs.

Learnership Tracking Tool