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Become SETA Accredited Training Provider


Accreditation is the certification, usually for a particular period of time, of a person, body or institution as having the capacity to fulfill a particular function within the quality assurance system set up by South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA).

Training Provider

A provider is an education and training body (institution/organisation, company, centre, collaborative partnership, or consultancy) which delivers learning programmes that culminate in specified National Qualifications Framework (NQF) standards or qualifications.

Getting accreditation

“With the type of training school you want to provide you would need to contact Services Seta to apply for accreditation”.  The Seta’s website offer a user-friendly website that covers both general areas as well as information specific to employers, training providers and learners.

How to register a training college

The most important body that you have to comply with is the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). SAQA controls the comprehensive education system approved by the Minister of Education for the classification, registration, publication and articulation of quality-assured national qualifications.


As a provider of training for the Information Technology sector, regulations are listed under the category “Seta ISETT”.

Criteria for accreditation

SAQA require that you show that you have necessary financial, administrative and physical resources to operate the college. You will have to have policies and practices for staff selection, appraisal and development.

SAQA will also need you to have in place the correct policies and practices for learner entry and you will have to show how you intend to achieve the desired outcomes using the procedures recommended by SAQA in order to teach students so that they receive an accredited qualification.

Contact SAQA who will explain in detail how to achieve the specified regulations and standards in order to be granted accreditation so you can operate a registered and respected training college.


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