Technical Requirements

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You will need the following in order to enroll for any of our courses:

  1. Device:
      • Desktop or Laptop computer (recommended).
      • Tablet or smart phone (optional). (Recommend to download the mobile APP.)
  2. Internet Access:
      • At least 4mb download and 1mb upload speed required for a stable connection.
  3. Software:
      • Internet browser, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Firefox. (Alternatively you can use the download links below.)
      • Acrobat read for selected courses. (Alternatively you can use the download links below.)
      • Microsoft word reader and editor. (Alternatively you can install the free Open Office package on the link below.)
      • Mobile devices: Our site is mobile friendly, but alternatively you can download the “Moodle APP” from the Apple or Google store.
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