How Can I Implement a Learnership

Learnership Tracking www.learnershiptracking.co.za Read more on…. Learnership Tracking Tools in South Africa ABOUT The following main steps have to be taken before implementing a learnership: Choose a learnershipIniitially you have to decide which skills you need and if the training needed can be covered by a laernership you want to implement. A list of available learnerships can be found on the Department of Labour’s website. A list of learnerships is available at ever labour centre or can be obtained from the Learnership Support Service at the Department of Labour. Remember – you can choose…

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Duty to prepare and implement and employment equity plan – 2014 Amended

Duty to prepare and implement and employment equity plan 1. A designated employer must refer to the relevant Codes of Good Practice issued in terms of section 54 of the Act when preparing an employment equity plan contemplated in section 20 of the Act. 2. The employment equity plan must contact, at a minimum, all the elements contained in the EEA13 template of these regulations. 3. A designated employer must retain their employment equity plan for a period of five years after the expire of the plan. 4. A designated…

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