Seta Mandatory & Discretionary grant regulations declared invalid 21st Aug. 2015

On 3 December 2012, the SETA Grant Regulations were gazetted (Government Gazette no. 35940). These come into effect on 1 April 2013. There were many major substantial changes in the new regulations and these may have serious implications for skills development in our country. Some of the main changes were: That the mandatory grant to employers is reduced from 50% to 20%. Any unclaimed mandatory grants must be transferred by the 15 August each financial year into the discretionary fund. Discretionary grants will mainly be paid for programmes offered by public FET…

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Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value Criteria

Equal Pay for Work of Equal Value Criteria 1. An employer must, in order to eliminate unfair discrimination, take steps to eliminate differences in terms of conditions of employment, including remuneration, of employees who perform work of equal value if those differences are directly or indirectly based on a listed ground or any arbitrary ground that is prohibited by the act. 2. Without limiting sub regulation1, and employer must ensure that employees are not paid different remuneration for work of equal value based on race, gender or disability.

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