Duty to prepare and implement and employment equity plan – 2014 Amended

Duty to prepare and implement and employment equity plan 1. A designated employer must refer to the relevant Codes of Good Practice issued in terms of section 54 of the Act when preparing an employment equity plan contemplated in section 20 of the Act. 2. The employment equity plan must contact, at a minimum, all the elements contained in the EEA13 template of these regulations. 3. A designated employer must retain their employment equity plan for a period of five years after the expire of the plan. 4. A designated…

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15217 Organisational Training Plan

SAQA REGISTRATION ABOUT THIS COURSE TRAINYOUCAN (ETDP SETA) Accredited Training Network and its members is committed to follow all the ETQA requirements as stipulated by SAQA.  Learners should be competent in communication at NQF Level 4. This Unit Standard will be useful to people who are involved in the development and implementation of training and development plans for organisations. The Unit Standard will be especially useful to skills development facilitators, training managers and human resource development practitioners. COURSE SUMMARY People credited with this Unit Standard are able to: analyse current…

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