SETA Assessors and Moderator Registration Forms

AGRISETA Assessor_Application_Registration_.Form AGRISETA Assessor_Extension_of_scope_Application_Form AGRISETA ETQA_Procedure_Re_registr_AMV AGRISETA ETQA_Procedure_Registration_AMV AGRISETA Moderator_Application_Registration_Form_Recovered AGRISETA news_Assessor_Training AGRISETA Re_Registration_Application_Form_Assessor_Moderator BANKSETA Assessor_Registration_Form_14_09_2010 BANKSETA registration_moderation_process_260607 BANKSETA registration_of_assessors_process CATHSETA Assessor_or_Moderator_Registration_Renewal_Form_2015 CATHSETA Assessor_Registration_Form_2015 CATHSETA Assessor-Moderator-Registration-Management-2013 CETA APPLICATION-FORM-TO-REGISTER-AS-ASSESSOR CETA APPLICATION-FORM-TO-REGISTER-AS-MODERATOR ETDP SETA Assessor_Extension_of Scope_Form_Vers2 2011 ETDP SETA Assessor_Re_registration_Form_vers2 2011 ETDP SETA Assessor_Registration_Form_vers2 2011 ETDP SETA ASSESSMENT and MODERATION POLICY final ETDP SETA Moderator_Extension_of_Scope_Form_ver2 2011 ETDP SETA Moderator_Re_registration_Form_ver2 2011 ETDP SETA Moderator_Registration_form_ver22011 FASSET 2014_2015_Assessor_and_Moderator_Grant_Application_1_March_2014_Track_Mo… FASSET Assessor application form Oct 2014 FOODBEV Criteria and Guidelines Registration of Assessors FOODBEV Re Registration FPM_Assessor_Application FPMAssessorApplicationLatest FPMModeratorApplicationLatest HWSETA assessment_moderation_and_verification_policy_posted_june_2015 HWSETA assessor_registration_guidelines HWSETA assessor_registration_procedure HWSETA assessor-moderator-application-form…

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Seta Mandatory & Discretionary grant regulations declared invalid 21st Aug. 2015

On 3 December 2012, the SETA Grant Regulations were gazetted (Government Gazette no. 35940). These come into effect on 1 April 2013. There were many major substantial changes in the new regulations and these may have serious implications for skills development in our country. Some of the main changes were: That the mandatory grant to employers is reduced from 50% to 20%. Any unclaimed mandatory grants must be transferred by the 15 August each financial year into the discretionary fund. Discretionary grants will mainly be paid for programmes offered by public FET…

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